Cycle for Life

Making a difference, one day at a time...............


Brisbane - Gold Coast

Day 1

Distance: 100.9km

Vertical Metres: 674m

Moving Time: 5hr 42m

Ave. Speed: 17.7km/h

Max Speed : 51.1km/h

Day 0 - 31/3 Melbourne to Brisbane

(0 km)

Sorry, this could be a long one for my first post.......

Surprisingly, I had a great sleep, 8 hours 😀 But at some stage during the night, I must of thought about my tent, which I was going to carry onto the plane as hand luggage. Hmmmm, poles / pegs.....I guess that is a no no. So out they come, wrapped them up and put into the bike box. 22.8 kg, just under the 23kg limit 😁

It's funny, as I am writing this on the plane, the lady next to me is knitting but she is using the needles with the hooks, can't stab anybody with those.

Well here I am, sitting on a plane, with my bike underneath hopefully. It doesn't feel real yet.....I guess that will happen when I start pedalling tomorrow morning. Once my bike is in one piece again tonight, I can start to think about the ride.

To get me to this point, I have so many people to thank, too many to mention in my first post but I will get to each and every one of you.

Two years ago, my brother in law told us that he had a cancerous growth just in behind his nose. I knew at that point, that I had to do something to help find ways to cure cancer. I'm no Doctor / I ruled that out. So I decided to raise money and awareness for the Peter Mac Cancer Research centre where my brother in law was receiving treatment. Two years of planning and I thought I would be riding for him and him alone........but Cancer doesn't care, it doesn't discriminate and so I am also dedicating this ride to a Breast cancer survivor, Prostate cancer survivor and a Ocular Melanoma survivor ( you all know who you are ) And I thought that was, Cancer has invaded the body of one of the dearest people in my life, my Mum. She is a fighter and she will beat this monster !!!!

This ride will also be a personal journey for me, one that might not push me to my limits but it will come very close. How do you know what your limit is until you try........

Picked up from the Brisbane Airport by Andrew (&Karen). As I have said before this trip wouldn't be possible without these wonderful people.

Got straight into reassembling the bike, it went off without a hitch, very happy.

Topped the day off with a yummy Thai dinner.

Up early in the morning, time for bed. Night 😴